Ralph's Recycling Rant

Ralph's Recycling Rant
Posted by Ralph Jacobowitz

Only a few weeks ago, it was lunchtime, I had left my iPad at home, I didn’t have a book to read and it was a Wednesday so I’d already read Boyz and QX. There was nothing else left. In desperation I was reduced to reading the information on our recycling bags.

I discovered that we were not supposed to put glass in with the mixed recycling—not just broken glass, but all glass. This struck me as very odd. Glass is one of the first materials to have been recycled and here we had to stop recycling it.

When Outlet needed to re-order recycling bags from our lovely recycling service, Paper Round, I enquired why they weren’t taking glass any longer. I learned that glass is now a separate category with its own recycling bags, so I ordered them. Now the office has four recycling bins – glass, paper (what they call ‘white paper’, that is stationery and magazines), mixed recycling, and kitchen waste. We haven’t (yet) set up a compost station for the kitchen waste; it’s difficult enough to find the space for the four bins, plus the cardboard that also gets bundled separately. Not only does Outlet do all this, but we also send our used stamps to Oxfam; how they make any money out of used stamps I haven’t a clue.

We’re seriously serious about recycling here at Outlet! Outlet’s a small business so we are not going to save the planet from global warming by recycling, but we do what we can. Just last week I put up some posters in the office to help remind people. Why not do the same (on recycled paper of course) in your own office?


At Outet Property, we do otry ur best to be an environmentally-friendly estate agents. More about our green and other policies is on our culture and values page. You can also read a little about our integrity and see a green letter from the Outlet Property MD


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