Our new website

Our new website
Posted by Joshua Rafter

I am proud to bring you the latest offerings from all of us at Outlet with our new and improved website. I hope you enjoy the new look and fresher feel.

Here at Outlet we are constantly looking to move forward in our success by providing new and improved services for our customers. This is the reason why we continue to refresh our website throughout the year.

What’s new?

The Outlet Team

We early on and throughout the site introduce you to the special work force at our very busy central office. Take time to meet them by either clicking their personal profiles on line or even by popping by the office. You will always find them extremely welcoming and incredibly always with a smile.

Check out the smiley bunch at the Outlet staff page

Excellent service and rewards

We continue to push the limits of how better to serve our loyal customer base. We realise you cannot just sit back and expect people to continue to use our services without constantly improving ourselves and the way we work. We also always aim to have seasonal offers and new incentives for customers.

If you want to know what is on offer today click here for the latest seasonal offers.

Selling with a difference

With the residential Sales arm now a major part of the Outlet property services that we provide we bring you a whole new way of viewing property information. We are the first in the UK to bring you the wonderful “Walk Score” which clearly shows all the amenities located in the vicinity of the property. Ideal for deciding if it’s the right place for you to live! (Don’t worry we have also introduced this for lettings too!)

We are also bringing you on line videos for our Penthouse and Lofts so you can get a look around the interior completely from the comfort of your chair.

We are also asking the Vendor to give their own insight into the area as we delve into why the love to live there. You can find this under our new and unique “Vendor says” tabs on the detailed property sales page.

We also hope you like our bigger and brighter photos of all property interiors.

Click here for the latest Penthouses & Lofts for sale

Social Media

We have gone social media crazy and not just because everyone else seems to have gone bananas about this phenomenon but because we recognise it adds to our mix in the way we communicate with our customers. We still strongly believe speaking directly with people is the best way to always ensure an ending with a smile.

We do have a wonderful array of varying social media outreaches all having their own little flavour and offerings – there is everything from the more serious property and financial matters on Linked In and Google+ through to our Facebook pages where we can indulge in amazing homes, fantastic interiors and a whole lot of stuff that just makes us smile.

Feel free to have a look at the Outlet social media page and see what might suit you. Come on board as we love the community we are building and the feedback and interaction with all.

Give us feedback

Please take a little time to look around the new look website and please, even more, do give us your feedback and thoughts. I for one would love to hear back from you so please do get in touch.

I hope you enjoy the new website experience and look forward to helping you real soon.

Kindest Regards

Joshua Rafter
Managing Director
Outlet Property Management


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