Meet the Outlet Team

Meet the Outlet Team
Posted by Joshua Rafter

Without a doubt the success of Outlet has been built on the tremendous team behind the company. Most of the staff have been here over five years and some many more years than that. A solid team shows commitment and one that is committed is one that cares.

I actually strongly believe it is the background of the staff at Outlet that makes them care way above that of other estate agents. Their own personal make up makes them wanting to listen and even more wanting to help. Each individual customer is treated as unique, as they should be, since their desires and needs are never the same as someone else.

With over 82% of our business coming from recommendation alone this backs up the commitment we have to our customers and the level of service we always aim to provide. We work extremely hard here at Outlet with amazing results and even under the daily strain of performing to such high standards smiles and laughter are always given here. We love what we do after all!


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