Hidden scenic dog walks in the city

Hidden scenic dog walks in the city

London is a city known for many things. But while theatre, music, architecture and fine food all rank high on the capital’s impressive resume, when you think dog-friendly it doesn’t exactly spring to mind.

For pet owners in the city, or those wanting to move to London, this can be quite the predicament. However, there is actually no need to worry; the capital is well-equipped to deal with the needs of your doggy and there are countless places to take them out for a walk.

If you are worried that the city’s streets are no place for your pooch to exercise, then read on to find out about London’s best dog walking spots.

East - London Fields

An east London treat, London Fields is the perfect place to let the dog off the leash for a bit of outdoor exercise. There’s plenty of grass here to explore and you could even combine your walk with a bit of exercise yourself.

For east London residents in areas like Shoreditch, Haggerston, Hoxton, Dalston and Bethnal Green, London Fields is easy to reach via the Overground. Not only is it one of the best and easiest tube lines to take a dog on, but it’s incredibly close to the park.

Being smack bang in the middle of Hackney, you’re never too far away from an artisan cafe or trendy pub to stop for a drink. For an extended walk, take the dog from London Fields to nearby Victoria Park.

North - Finsbury Park to Highgate

This disused railway line has become a hotspot for dog walkers due to its secluded feel. Spanning almost four miles in length, the trail is lined by trees on each side and, with a little imagination, could be a countryside track. A million miles away from the busy bustle of central London, this is the ideal walk for adventurous pooches.

This one is ideal for children as well, due to the wooden adventure playground and skate ramp located halfway along the track.

Of course, it’s quite easy to combine this walk with either Finsbury Park or nearby Alexandra Palace, making it a great option.

South - Peckham Rye Park

Sandwiched between Peckham and East Dulwich, you’ll find one of the best places to walk the dog in south London. Peckham Rye Park is a huge expanse of greenery that has become incredibly popular with the area’s dog walking community.

As a result of this, the park is absolutely full of other dogs, so there are plenty of canine companions for your pooch to make friends with. Peckham Rye is a good place to let your dog off the leash, which is a difficult thing to find in London.

You’re a few minute’s walk from East Dulwich, so why not fill up the rest of your afternoon with a little charity shop clothes hunting and a healthy fruit smoothy?

North - Camden Canals

Canals aren’t the first thing that come to mind when you think London. However, there are plenty about in the city, with the most famous probably being Regent’s Canal. This takes you through King’s Cross, Regent’s Park and Little Venice, making it a great route to walk you dog on a sunny afternoon.

The canal stretches for miles and eventually takes you all the way to Camden. This bustling market area might be a bit much for excitable dogs, but most pooches don’t really mind the madness.

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