Best weekend brunch spot - Caravan

Best weekend brunch spot - Caravan

Sat just behind King’s Cross station, Caravan waits patiently for you to brunch. Its big, warehouse-like interior is probably more a symptom of trendy decor design than the area it finds itself in, but don’t let the open space put you off; what it lacks in furniture and warmth, it makes up for in atmosphere.

Located off Granary Square, this trendy little cafe has become a popular place to fill that void between breakfast and lunch thanks, in no small part, to the original establishment over near Exmouth Market.

The new edition of the cafe is actually housed within an old grain store, adding to the quirky nature of this haunt. Resembling a glorified school canteen, little is left to the imagination, a factor that makes it strangely appealing and easy on the eye.

But while the setting is different, it’s the adventurous and eclectic cooking that really brings people back again and again.
Take your pick from grilled octopus, braised lamb sofrito, soft shell crab and more. Hungry yet?

Do you do brunch?

At the weekend, you can treat yourself to that quirky meal time brunch, that just doesn’t fit anywhere during our busy working week. Sample fine sourdough breads, freshly baked pastries, exotic omelettes and novel waffles, all washed down with a few cups of delicious coffee (taken at your preference).

Although it is incredibly popular - book in advance lest you want to spend a section of your precious weekend staring at the back of a long queue - the prices are still very reasonable. You won’t pay much more than £10 for a main and a whole meal can be easily squeezed in at under £20.

If you fancy a little more substance to put you on until dinner, there’s home cooked pizza, seared cod and steak over on the all day menu.

When to go?

The good people at Caravan start early and finish late. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, whenever your stomach starts to rumble, they are there, waiting to placate your growing hunger with simple and tasty dishes.

During the week, you will find Caravan open from 8am until 10pm (Monday and Tuesday) and then later as the week goes on. Sundays are open from 10am until 4pm.

What’s the occasion?

Caravan’s long opening hours and great food make it ideal for almost any occasion. Whether you’re after a quick breakfast, lazy brunch or group catch up over dinner, the cafe will cater for you.  Its lack of intimacy may not make it ideal for a romantic dinner for two for more traditional types, but those who favour flavour over setting won’t mind too much.

Getting there

The cafe is easy to find, just behind King’s Cross Station. Obviously, being next to one of the best-connected transport hubs in the city makes things even simpler.

If you’re City Mapping from afar, you will find Caravan at 1, Granary Building, Granary Square, London N1C 4AA.

What the people say

Time Out has awarded Caravan an impressive 4 out of 5 stars as well as a decent review that points to the cafe’s buzzing aura and diverse food as reasons to visit.

Likewise, the cafe does well on Google’s review site, with an average of 4.2 stars out of five from 107 reviews.

The average rating on Tripadvisor is also high, with 4 out of 5 across 396 reviews.

In short, it’s a good place to eat.

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