7 Cadbury Crème Egg facts that are so interesting it’s scary

7 Cadbury Crème Egg facts that are so interesting it’s scary
Posted by James Hood

There’s more to a Cadbury’s Crème Egg than deliciously addictive chocolate and white sugary goo. Not much more, admittedly, but here are the fun facts everyone on the planet really ought to know.

1. If you piled all the Crème Eggs made in one year on top of each other they would be five times higher than Mount Everest. That can’t be right, can it?

2. There are 600,000 Crème Eggs made in a single 12-hour shift at Cadbury.

3. The value of the Crème Egg brand is estimated at £55 million.

4. There are 200 MILLION! sold in the UK alone each year.

5. There are 180 calories and 28.8% of your daily sugar recommendation in one egg. Oh well, it is Easter after all.

6. They were initially Fry’s Crème Eggs and launched in 1963. They were renamed ‘Cadbury’s Crème Eggs’ in 1971. 

7. James Jiggs of Lancashire holds the record for eating a Crème Egg the fastest – in a mere 8.65 seconds. That’s funny, we’re sure ours only last three seconds.

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