4 signs you’re on the hoarder border

4 signs you’re on the hoarder border
Posted by James Hood

TV shows like ‘Hoarding – Buried Alive!’ have brought the issue of obsessive compulsive collecting to the fore. So, how do you know if you have the hoarding gene?

You were a collector as a kid
According to Jordana Murloff, a very clever person from Boston University School of Social Work, 80 per cent of hoarders started collecting things by the age of 18. Comic books are fine but if you had a thing for stashing more unusual items under the bed you could be prone to hoarding as an adult. 

You’re easily distracted
Something else Jordana discovered during her (probably very riveting) studies on the topic was that hoarders are more likely to have difficulties focusing. So if you find yourself getting sidetrack when sending an email or your mind wanders mid-Eastenders, you could be susceptible to a little hoarding.

You’re indecisive
Always struggling with what to order on the menu? Can’t decide between steel grey and elephant grey for your next paint colour? Chances are you’ve got a little of the hoarder in you. It’s part of the reason hoarders don’t choose between items to keep and others they should throw away.

You’re super resourceful
Recycling is a good thing and a completely normal activity for most of us. But Randy Frost, a professor (he probably wears a white coat) in America, says that hoarders have a ‘hyper sense of responsibility when it comes to making sure things aren’t wasted'.


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