Why we're a property company with a conscience

Why we're a property company with a conscience
Posted by David Bray

Helping pets, the planet and people in need

Every property company makes you promises, right? They claim to sell your place faster than anyone else and get you the best possible price for an “unbeatable fee” But wouldn't you like to choose a property company that not only offers exceptional service, but also gives back to others?

Outlet is the property company that cares. Don't believe us? Just watch this two minute video with our customers rating us from one to 20.

Having started back in 1995 to help the more vulnerable LGBT community find homes where they could be themselves, we've spent two decades caring about people and the world we live in. These days, times have moved on and we put our energy into the following:

  • The environment - we actively promote greener living, with helpful tips for all tenants on reducing their carbon footprint in the home
  • Planting trees - for every property we let
  • Keeping our own office emissions low - with recycling programmes, energy saving bulbs and water saving solutions
  • Giving to causes that need our help - we regularly donate cash to Albert Kennedy Trust, a charity that finds safe accommodation for young LGBT people who have been made homeless
  • Helping people find homes with their pet via our Lets with Pets service

If you're selling a property, need Lets with Pets or you're looking for property management, choose the company that does more than provide great service. Choose a company that makes a difference to your life and the lives of others. Give us a call today on 020 7287 4244 to get things moving. Or you can emailsmile@outlet.co.uk


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