Video: Meet the pet Chihuahua we helped to find a home

Video: Meet the pet Chihuahua we helped to find a home
Posted by Gary Cooper

Here at Outlet, we understand that pets are part of the family. That’s why, unlike many property companies, we do all we can to help people and their pooch, cat, budgie or bunny find a home.

While many landlords immediately run for the hills at the thought of someone moving in with their chocolate Labrador, we’ve been working hard to convince them that people with pets often make excellent tenants.

Our support for ‘Lets with Pets’ has been a massive success and has helped numerous people find a home with their pet, something that is notoriously difficult.

One great example is Mr Mostyn and his long-haired Chihuahua, Baby Lawrence. We interviewed them recently for Better Living and Mr Mostyn told us: “We found it really hard to find a home where I could bring Baby Lawrence. All the estate agents I spoke to said ‘no’ immediately. So finding somewhere we wanted to live was becoming a bit worrying. Then I discovered Outlet after a friend told me they offered a 'Lets with Pets'  service. We both went along to their office in Soho and they were so welcoming. Baby Lawrence was even given dog treats. Within a couple of days, we had found a really nice new flat. We’re so thankful to Outlet for our home. We’ve both been here a while now and hope to stay much longer.”

Want to know more about Baby Lawrence such as his favourite musical? Click here to watch our Lets with Pets video.

We believe that pets call it home too. So if you have a dog, cat, tortoise, rabbit or any other animal (well, perhaps re-think the crocodile) we can help you find a property to rent in London. Have a look at our information for pet owners and, if you're a landlord, check out some of the benefits of allowing lets with pets.     

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