The homes that show the UK's property gap

The homes that show the UK's property gap
Posted by James Hood

The Daily Mail has published an article showing the astounding differences in prices in the UK.

The report in the paper's Property section compares the prices of London homes with some of those in other areas.

They include a Shoreditch studio flat on the market for £1.3 million, compared with a TEN BEDROOM semi-detached home in Ilfracombe, Devon which is available for a mere £250,000.

The report also highlights the cost of a Hampstead home with six bedrooms, on the market for £13 million and a five-bedroom Mayfair house for £35 million, compared with a ten-bedroom house in Cornwall for £650,000. Practically a bargain, then.

The Daily Mail also compares the properties using cost per square metre. A home they feature will set you back just £257 per m in Lancashire. Meanwhile, an apartment in One Hyde Park, London, will cost you a whopping £77,751 per sq m!

Click here to read the full article.


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