Signs your current tenant is a keeper

Signs your current tenant is a keeper
Posted by James Hood

Unbeknown to many a rookie landlord, these mysterious tenants give away little clues that they are a landlord’s dream. Here’s how to spot the ones you want to keep in your property at all cost. 

They can fix a dodgy tap
Obviously, there are things that are down to the landlord to fix if they go wrong, but a good tenant doesn’t whine about the slightest little thing and gets on with the job at hand. Case in point? A dripping tap, a less than tuneful doorbell, a broken light bulb. They’re all things that even those poor helpless little student tenants could handle if they tried.

They reply to your emails
A person who responds to emails in a timely fashion is a person with their act together, we find. Messages that sit unopened for weeks at a time (especially ones from your landlord) is a sign of someone who’s not in complete control. Obviously there are exceptions – astronauts, for example, we’ll let them off. But on the whole a responsive, friendly, timely reply to any emails you send is a sign of an organised (probably hygienic) tenant.

They pay up – in full and on time
This might seem like an obvious one, but a tenant who pays up when they’re supposed to bodes well for your own finances. The alternative is a tenant who could potentially cost you money in late mortgage payments or worse. If you’ve got a tenant who pays on time – keep them happy.

They have a cleaner
Let’s be honest, no one likes to scrub the shower screen, do they? And it’s easy to accidentally forget to get out the Mr Muscle when you’re renting. That’s why tenants with cleaners are worth their weight in gold – because all those little dust-removing, mould-reducing jobs get done on a regular basis. It makes things much nicer when it’s time for someone new to move in.

Their mum comes to visit
It’s always a good sign if mum, dad or auntie Winnie comes to visit. It often means your tenants will whizz round with the Dyson and make an effort to keep the place looking parent-friendly.

They have good shoes
Ok, ok, we know it’s not strictly true that people with bad shoes will be bad tenants. And we’d never discount someone simply because they weren’t wearing jimmy choos. But yes, on the whole, good shoes are usually a sign of a good person.

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