Property preparation checklist for first-time landlords

Property preparation checklist for first-time landlords
Posted by James Hood

At Outlet, late summer is notorious for encouraging a lettings frenzy! We see a big spike in people wanting to move or new tenants coming to us looking for a place to rent. So, if you’ve decided to rent out the home you live in, here’s what you should do.

A dodgy, grubby sofa is enough to have even the cheapest of potential tenants running for the hills these days. Plus, it could be a fire hazard! People expect a good standard of cleanliness and, in many cases, prefer new or nearly new furniture that doesn’t look like it was salvaged from the street. If you want to keep them interested in renting from you instead of moving on to the next place, take a look at what is in your property and start replacing the oldest pieces first. That way, you’ll get in the habit of replacing stuff you wouldn’t let your own mother sit on.

Gas checks
We know you probably already know about gas safety checks. And if you use a company like Outlet to manage your properties, we’ll have that all under control. But in case you’re new to the property rental game, make sure your safety certificates are all up to date. There are specific requirements for properties where tenants live.

Work on the walls
Does the property need a lick of paint? Are there chips on the skirting boards or cracks behind a door? A quick refresh in a light bright but neutral colour can revive your rental property. It’s also ideal for tenants who may want to decorate for them to see the potential rather than the avocado green from the people who used to live there.

Floor it
Now could be the best time to invest in good flooring. Durable carpets in a plain colour or wooden floors are really popular with renters. It means they can add their own rugs or colour schemes to a room without worrying about clashing. Investing in something hardwearing is also a wise move, because it will last for years without the need for replacing it – just the occasional clean.

Speaking of cleaning
Send in the cleaning company if you haven’t done so for a while. Unless of course you’re happy to get some rubber gloves on yourself and whizz round with the Pledge. Trust us – if you think tenants won’t know the difference when they view the property, they will! Make sure the cobwebs are dusted from the ceilings and the windows are gleaming.   

List your belongings
Outlet can look after the inventory for you of course. But if you’re still considering a managing agent, you will need to list everything that is staying in the property for your new residents. Get prepared in advance before people start looking around. You can always save it on your computer and amend it if they want things removed or added.

Get your keys sorted
Sounds simple but you’d be surprised how many people don’t get this organised before the day their tenants show up. Sort out a spare couple of sets of keys with clear labels on them and stash them somewhere safe until you need them.

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