Property is key ingredient for helping the rich get rich' in new report

Property is key ingredient for helping the rich get rich' in new report
Posted by Michelle Jones

A new article on the BBC's Capital website has explained how the world's rich get and stay so wealthy. The feature commented that while most of us mere mortals save our money in stocks and shares savings accounts, the truly loaded among us invest in art, businesses and property. 

Ian Marsh was one of the experts who contributed to the article, saying that the wealthy often take a long-term view of their investments, which can prove fruitful. Marsh is CEO of asset management for London-based Fleming Family and Partners, a wealth management firm that was initially created to preserve the fortune of Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond.

Apparently, one investment area within the property arena that is going to perform rather well for investors is farmland. The feature went on to say that "ultra high-net worth investors in the UK and elsewhere are also buying up farmland". It's thought that the growth in the global population means a rise in demand for food. According to Marsh, owners of prime agricultural land could see a good return on their investment due to the lack of availabilty in the future. 

But it is the willingness to park their money for long periods of time that really helps the rich get richer. That is where property investing comes in. Whether they buy alone or in a group, live in the property or use it as an occassional weekend pad in a city like London or New York, they often sit back and wait. Because it's a safe assumption that eventually the price will rise. 


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