Property inspections – your questions answered

Property inspections – your questions answered
Posted by Gary Cooper

If you’re a landlord who manages your own properties, we recommend carrying regular inspections. The purpose of these is to keep an eye on the state of your property and ensure tenants are keeping their end of the bargain when it comes to maintaining it’s appearance. An inspection can also be a valuable way of spotting any small issues that could become major problems if left alone. Here is some advice on getting access and taking a look around.


Q. What are my rights as a landlord when I enter my property?

A: You actually don’t have the right to enter your own property while a tenant is living there, without their consent. We recommend writing or emailing them to request permission to come in to the property and asking them to respond in the same way so that you have a record. It’s perfectly normal, however, to ask for access to your property for things like maintenance, an inspection or to just find out if your tenant has any issues.

Q. How much notice do I need to give to gain access to my property?

A. You need to give your tenant 24 hours notice before going into your property. They still reserve the right to tell you if that is not convenient and ask for another time. Only in an emergency (such as the fire alarm going off or a break-in) could you enter the home without getting the okay.

Q. How many property inspections should I do?

A. There is no set rule about the amount of inspections you should do as a landlord. At Outlet, we recommend about four a year – once every three months. However if you use us as a managing agent we can carry out inspections on your behalf as often as you need. Some landlords only attend a property once a year and others more often.

Q. When is the best time to go?

A. You should visit your property in daylight hours. This will give you the chance to spot any problems or maintenance issues more easily. When it comes to agreeing a time with your tenant, try and be mindful of their schedule and come to a mutual agreement.

Q. What should I bring?

A. You’ll need a pen and paper (or your iPad if you prefer to make notes on that) so that you can remember anything that needs doing once you leave. We also recommend brining a copy of your inventory and checking everything on it. Finally, bring a camera or use your phone to take pictures of anything that you think might need fixing or that will require costly repairs. You never know, it could be something that needs to be paid for by the tenant’s deposit.


Would you like Outlet to help you manage your properties? We offer a full management service that gives you more time and less worry about things like rent collection. We also offer block management. Call us on 0203 740 1838 for more information.



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