Outlet MD launches London property investment opportunity

Outlet MD launches London property investment opportunity
Posted by James Hood

Outlet Managing Director branches into property development and invites investors to profit from the regeneration of London

Josh Rafter, Outlet’s Managing Director, has established a new company along with two other property professionals, Javier Lauret and Zenios Loucas.

Purple Property Regeneration invites people to invest money in the business, which the three directors will then use to redevelop and refurbish properties across London.

The directors have a combined 60 years’ experience in the property business, at Outlet Property and elsewhere. In addition they are passionate about using their skills and knowledge to redevelop property across the city, providing a return for anyone investing in the venture.

The parts of the city they will target will be areas of regeneration – places where significant improvements to infrastructures, transport, neighbourhoods and amenities are either planned or underway.

With London being one of the best cities in the world and a fast-growing place for both business and leisure, contributing to the Purple Property Regeneration fund is expected to be a wise investment.  

To find out more visit repurple.com

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