Now could be the time for that mortgage move

Now could be the time for that mortgage move
Posted by James Hood

Currently there is a huge opportunity for landlords to expand their property portfolios and take advantage of cheap interest rates and relatively low house prices. With the recent surge in house prices many landlords will find that they have equity that could be quickly released to take advantage of the quick rising housing market. This is also an excellent opportunity to review your mortgage rates and take advantage of some of the lowest interest rates that the UK has seen for years. Over the recent years many landlord have come to believe that lending is simply not available and it could not be further from truth. The last year has seen a quick return to the buy-to-let market with many lenders actively looking to increase lending throughout 2014.

While now is certainly the time for expansion, the requirement for detailed planning has never been more important. Addopting a methodic approach is essential to ensure that whether your goal is capital growth or providing income for retirement, that you do everything in the most efficient manner possible. A good adviser will prove invaluable to you here as they will already have the inside track to getting the best our of your position. The first step should be to book an appointment with one of the Oultet Money team, and see what you could achieve in 2014? 

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