New Covent Garden Market construction to begin in the spring

New Covent Garden Market construction to begin in the spring

Covent Garden is well known amongst London residents as one of the finest areas in the capital to enjoy shopping in a range of fantastic markets. From the historic and celebrated New Covent Garden Market to the craft, arts and other delights that can be found at various markets across the area, there's something to be found to suit all tastes. 

And according to reports, the promised revamp of the city's biggest and best wholesale market for fruit, veg and flowers is about to take place, with construction on the update for New Covent Garden Market and its many traders set to start this spring. 

In 2014, the London borough of Wandsworth granted permission for the new site to be started that would help to bring the market to a new modern facility which will be to the benefit of all of those who work and shop in the famous market. 

The new construction scheme, according to the company that will bring it to life, St Mowden, will take place across a number of different phases. It said that the ten year project will see 550,000 square feet of modern facilities developed in the area to house the 200 small businesses that make up the market, selling fresh produce to locals. 

In a statement to Construction Enquirer, St Mowden said: “We are targeting to achieve unconditional status in the first half of 2015, with preparatory works starting on site shortly afterwards.”

This means that construction at the new 57-acre site, which is being funded by releasing 20 acres of surplus land for residential development, will start in May 2015, with completion hopefully coming by mid-2025 to help bring the UK's largest fresh produce market into the 21st century. 

The new site will be at Vauxhall Cross in the Nine Elms regeneration zone, which will mean it is situated just a short distance from its current home. This helps to keep the history and the setting of the market entrenched in the local area, as well as allowing it to grow and flourish as the gem of Covent Garden that it truly is. 

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