Time to allow Lets WITH Pets?

Time to allow Lets WITH Pets?
Posted by James Hood

Landlords – we’ve got you completely covered

Want longer-term tenants? Need to fill those rental voids? Landlords, listen up, we know we can fill your home quickly as there’s a niche market that’s begging to be explored.

We’ve thought of everything to protect your property when you take on a pet-owning tenant.

We always ask for a higher deposit*

We can ask for pre-paid cleaning

We can get a pet reference

We can add a clause in the tenancy agreement especially for you**

We’ve covered everything so your property is securely protected. Lets with Pets  is a fair system enabling landlords to tap into a market that’s desperate to be explored. We have teamed up with those lovely people at DogsTrust who launched the scheme across the UK.

Many landlords won’t accept tenants with a pet as the landlord’s property is not properly protected by usual insurance policies. But we’ve looked at every detail to enable our landlords a fully comprehensive service that covers any pongs, scrapes or scratches. In our staff’s (mostly pet-owning) opinion, most pets are very well behaved, but let’s not take any chances…

Landlords who sign up for Lets with Pets will find:

An increase in demand for their property

Tenants are more likely to stay long-term

Responsible pet owners make for responsible individuals

Tenants who have pets are usually less likely to jeopardise their tenancy

Our system allows prospective tenants to find pet-accepting landlords instantly. Outlet are the first estate agent to take up Lets with Pets in the UK where you can at a glance from our listings see which properties will accept your beloved best friend. We are pretty proud of that.

The scheme 

*Usually, deposits are 6 weeks’ rent in advance, for pet owners it’s 8 weeks, which is high but we think fair. It’s rare it needs to be taken and our deposits are always held according to the Deposit Protection Service

** We’ll gladly show you an example of a special pet clause, just ask away…

Feel free to Contact Us or email direct your questions to our property management team at management@outlet.co.uk

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