Is the bohemian history of London being lost in Soho?

Is the bohemian history of London being lost in Soho?

When it comes to giving a one word definition of the area of Soho, the type of descriptive often thrown around includes the likes of "edgy" or "grungy". It's something that has gone hand in hand with the area for so many years, from its history as one of the most underground settings in the capital with its seedy overtones, to its emergence as a trendy residential area that houses some of London's best, brightest and most creative types. 

But is London losing something of its bohemian past in the 21st century where its unique atmosphere isn't appreciated? Is everything that made Soho what it is being eroded away? According to The Guardian, this is the case, with many clubs and bars that kept the spirit alive having closed and not been replaced in recent times. 

The Economist reports that in November, Madame JoJo's, a popular bar in Soho, was closed early, after it was found that in a fight outside the bar the door staff had got too violent. Elsewhere, it said, the many music stores that have brought to life Denmark Street, colloquially known as Tin Pan Alley, are due to be transformed into a residential setting in the future.

The Guardian laments the closure of 12 Bar, which has been shut down in order to make way for new construction of residential buildings. It said that in many ways, money and regeneration has come together to take away from Soho and what it has always been. 

However, while some may feel that the very spirit of the area is being somewhat taken apart, there are still a great many establishments and people in Soho so keep the area what it is and always has been. With stunning cabaret bars, edgy nightclubs, unique restaurants and one-of-a-kind boutiques not quite of steam yet, Soho still has so much to offer in its bohemian state. 

There are numerous campaigns out there already to make sure Soho doesn't lose its heart and soul. Led by comedian Stephen Fry and Sherlock actor, the Save Soho group is campaigning to have the area of Soho preserved as a conservation area, respecting the history and the atmosphere that has stood the test of time. Clearly there's still a real demand for Soho to retain the nature of what it has always thrived as. 

And while there are still people who believe in the edgy nature of the area, the true spirit of Soho and its residents can never truly be taken away. 

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