Charm any potential landlord or flatmate

Charm any potential landlord or flatmate
Posted by James Hood

Finding a property of a room to rent with other people can be a minefield and if you’re new to the process it can be tricky to know the right things to say and do. Here is some advice for getting in the good books of a potential landlord or flatmate and getting your first-choice home.

Take off your shoes
Good old fashioned manners work wonders. Even if your host tells you it’s fine to keep them on, at least you offered and they’ll think you’re a charming, well brought up young lad or lady as a result.

Pay them a few compliments
Tell the landlord or potential roommate what you think of the place with some positive comments about the décor or their interior design style. Maybe you love their paint colour or the artwork they hang, so don't be frightened to let them know. Because while it’s true that a good reference can get you into the flat of your dreams, flattery can get you pretty far too. We draw the line at telling them they have shiny hair though. Creepy.

Show them you’re taking it seriously
Carry copies of some ID, a bill or proof of your income and, if possible, a reference from a previous landlord. These are probably not things you’ll need at a viewing, but if you offer them you can be sure the landlord or tenant will be impressed with your preparation. After all, you know that saying, ‘a person who is organised, is usually good at washing up’. OK we made that up.

Be a little flexible
If it’s not crucial that you have a furnished place or that you move in on a specific date, tell them you are happy to consider different options that help them out. This is particularly true when old tenants are moving out because it can be tricky to time everything perfectly. If they know you’re willing to be a little flexible with things they’re more likely to think you’re a decent person to live in the property.

Be nice
Not the most technical bits of advice and a bit of a no brainer. But in our experience nice guys finish first when it comes to moving in to a property. Even if you had a rubbish day at the office, you’ve got a stinking cold or are a tad hungover, keep smiling.

Send them a little follow up note
If it's appropriate, why not send one of those lovely little notelets or postcards you see in Scribbler or Paperchase? If you think it's a suitable way to let them know you liked meeting them and liked the property, give it a go. After all, who doesn't love to receive a card? However, if you don't think it's appropriate, a follow up email can also seal the deal. 


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