6 simple changes to sell your home faster

6 simple changes to sell your home faster
Posted by Gary Cooper

It’s true that in London many properties are sold in a flash once they’ve been put on the market. But it’s still important to get the right advice from the right agent about things like pricing and appearance. Here are some quick fixes you can make at your house or flat that will give it the wow factor on viewings day.

First impressions count
Little upgrades like a freshly painted front door or two symmetrically configured pot plants at the top of the steps are just two things you can do outside. We also recommend jet washing or at least sweeping the front porch area and steps if you have them. Obviously, it can be harder to make significant changes if you live in a shared building, but that doesn’t mean you can’t hoover or clean up the corridors. If you talk to your neighbours first they’ll probably be glad to have a refreshed entrance-way.

Small touches count
It might seem like an obvious one, but making sure your flat or house is neat and tidy could make a difference to a buyer. Although they wont care if you haven’t put your socks in the laundry bin or the cap back on your toothpaste, it will create the perception it’s a nice place to live if everything is in order. Why not add some fresh flowers to the hallway or dining table? Oh, and make the bed too.

Make some room, people
In London, unless you’re one of the Beckhams, you probably don’t have masses of storage space and it’s something that people like to see. So if you’ve got a viewing at your property, clear some space in the cupboards and wardrobes so your potential buyers can see what they’ll be getting. It’s a great opportunity to prepare for your move, as there will be less to organise when you eventually clear out.

Ditch the fuschia pink
People like to envisage themselves in a home they are viewing, so keeping the décor as natural, neutral and simple as possible could mean the difference between a ‘we’ll take it’ or ‘it’s not really for us’. Even if your buyer is a landlord, a low-maintenance property, where they won’t have to paint over avocado green or fuschia pink walls will be welcomed.

Let in the light
Tie back curtain, pull the blinds up to the top, hang large mirrors and do all you can to create plenty of light. People love it. It’s not just the sun pouring in that attracts a buyer, but light can create the feeling of space, too.

Ready, steady, bake!
It’s an oldie but a goodie – the smell of baking or even coffee can create a homely feel to a property. Imagine walking into a new place to the waft of freshly made, warm cupcakes. Sold!


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