5 ways to be a better landlord

5 ways to be a better landlord
Posted by Russell Wells

As lettings specialists (among many other things) We all know there are certain things expected of  landlords. For instance, protecting a tenant’s deposit and writing an inventory are pretty standard if you’re renting in London. But what are the other ways you can impress good tenants and possibly even keep them in your property longer? Here is some advice on how you can save yourself some cash and stress by keeping the people renting your property sweet.

Safety safety safety
You probably already know you must have a gas safety inspection once a year and the associated documentation. But why not go the extra mile? If you show tenants you care about their well-being, you’re likely to be more popular as a landlord. Consider investing a small amount of money in a carbon monoxide tester, or if it’s appropriate safety locks on the windows and a secure front door.

Be contactable
If you don’t use a management company like Outlet to deal with phone calls and emails, make sure you give them the option to get in touch easily. By being upfront early and making it easy to call or email you, tenants will instantly think you’re a good egg and probably won’t bother you too much.  Tell them you’d rather they emailed you unless it’s an emergency. That way you can keep a record of any communications that go back and forth.

Fix quick
Dragging your heels when something goes wrong only causes more problems in the long run. Issues like mould or water damage get worse and that’s before we even mention the anger of your tenants. Make an effort to nip small problems in the bud before they become epic problems. It can be the difference between a tenant staying put or moving on.

Think before a rent rise
Before you automatically put your rent up after a fixed period, ask yourself if it’s really necessary and whether you would get more value from keeping your existing tenants. If the rent you suggest is unaffordable, they will probably move out, which will cost you even more in empty rooms and finding someone else.

Consider allowing pets
We understand that many landlords want to keep maintenance to a minimum on their properties. But by refusing any pets at all, you could be turning away very respectable, considerate tenants who would treat your property well. You could always request a Pet CV or find out a little more about the owner before saying an outright ‘no’. 


Why not have Outlet manage your property for you? As well as regular management, we also offer specialist services such as  short lets for landlords, plus holiday lets, block management and HMO property management. We can take away the stress of dealing with issues your tenants might have and give you back plenty of time to do other things. Call Gary on 0203 4117 985 to talk about property management or follow the links for more information.



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