5 little-known tricks to help you sell a property faster

5 little-known tricks to help you sell a property faster
Posted by James Hood

Selling up but worried about getting a fast sale first time? There is tonnes of advice out there on how to make your home more appealing to viewers – with baking cookies and tidying up just a couple of them. But here, we give you five more invaluable (and rarely passed on) tips for ensuring your property gets snapped up soon.

Wardrobe wizardry
People love storage space. It’s especially important when you’re talking about selling a property in London. Make your wardrobe more spacious and appealing by removing some of your clothes. Keep an edited down version of the entire closet (keeping enough in there to wear of course). This will give the impression that there’s plenty of space for clothes, coats and shoes. Get things in order, too. A messy, jumble sale-style approach to storing your stuff will make buyers feel uneasy about the amount of space they will have. So consider a clever system of shelving or compartments from Ikea or another store that helps display your jeans, trainers and tighty whities tidily.

Light it up
Missing bulbs not only give the impression that this home isn’t maintained too well, they make things darker. When a potential buyer views a home, it could well be during the evening or after sunset – so make sure that all bulbs are replaced and that there are a few different lighting options available such as lamps or under-cupboard kitchen spitlights.

Small touches (no painting required)
Many property agents will tell you a lick of paint is a good idea, and although that can be true sometimes, it’s also a bit of a lazy response. Pay some attention to detail and consider a bunch of new cushions, replacing door handles with something contemporary or even a new statement lamp shade in your lounge.

Kitchen cool
It’s often said that you’re not selling a property – you’re selling a kitchen. Although it might seem like a costly activity, a fresh kitchen upgrade (cupboards and work surfaces) can be done for a couple of thousand pounds from a range of affordable suppliers and stores. When you compare that with the £15K a buyer might try and knock off the price due to the dated kitchen style, it’s a project worth undertaking.

Windows and carpets matter too
Over time, especially when it comes to the London property market, your carpets get dirty and can look unkept. A professional clean is quite affordable and will give a fresh feel and fragrance for any property viewings. Gleaming windows will also let in more light and make the whole home more appealing to any potential buyers.


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