4 space saving ideas for turning a poky pad into a palace

4 space saving ideas for turning a poky pad into a palace
Posted by James Hood

Renting a property in London means you’re not often blessed with vast amounts of space and finding a home for all your bits and bobs is tricky. It’s especially difficult in shared flats or houses, so to avoid a meltdown over the growing pile of Shortlist magazines by the sofa, here’s a quick guide to making even the most modest of homes feel bigger and better.

Use your footstools
You can get some great footstools (sometimes called ottomans) in a range of sizes and colours from places like Ikea. They double up as handy coffee tables and the best bit is many of them have space inside – convenient for storing blankets or quickly hiding the rubbish before your mum pops over for tea.  

Make more of your TV stand
So much handy space is wasted on TV stands and frankly, we think it’s a crime against interior design. Most people only use them for the telly and their Sky or Freeview boxes, but we suggest using them to store books, candles (careful there) magazines or photos. If you have enough space you could even use it for a lamp.  

Turn side tables into shoe storage
Shoe cabinets are often nice and slim and solve the problem of your stilettos and sneakers getting strewn around the floor (hazardous when you get home in the dark after a few drinks). But they can also do even more to help you save space. Find a place to put them so they double up as shelving or storage for books and a lamp. They don’t just have to go in hallways either – use space in your lounge or even by your bed.

Speaking of beds – make yours low(ish) 
In bedrooms where there is limited space, a lower bed will open up your room making it appear more spacious. However, keep it at a height that still allows you to store things underneath – another foolproof space saving tip. 

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