4 crucial questions you should ask every potential tenant

4 crucial questions you should ask every potential tenant
Posted by James Hood

Maybe you’ve got a super efficient managing agent to handle such things but if not, here are four of the most important pieces of info you should know about the people who want to move into your property.

Why are you moving?
If the answer is “because the Police shut down our midnight raves one too many times at our old place”, then you might want to see who’s next.

Can I have get a reference?
Finding out how a potential tenant behaved in their former home is a good way of sussing out how they will treat yours. And remember, it’s not just about whether they left it clean and tidy. It’s an opportunity to make sure they coughed up for rent and deposits when they were supposed to.

Party of…?
Ask a potential tenant who they are planning to live with. If it’s a one bedroom and they tell you they’re moving their entire family, grandparents and all, over from Estonia any day now, it might be best to suggest a bigger place. Equally, it’s good to know if your tenants plan on having their boyfriend or girlfriend share the space or if there will be any subletting going on.

Will you be paying up prior to moving day?
You can get a good sense of whether people will pay you regularly and on time from the reference. But it doesn’t hurt to clarify at the interview stage that they can cover the upfront costs of moving in – before the rental van arrives with their three piece sofa.


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