4 areas in your home you should probably clean more

4 areas in your home you should probably clean more
Posted by James Hood

Even if you’re one of those smug people who claim to live in a pristine home, there are still some places that get overlooked. Here, we offer a little help by highlighting the hidden spots that even an obsessive cleaner like Bree Van de Kamp would miss.

Coffee cleanse
Even though many of today’s machines claim to be self cleaning, the water jugs and other parts harbour plenty of bacteria that need a blast with the Flash. If there are any non-electrical elements that you can take apart, give them a run through the dishwasher to blitz them.

Dirty doors
Might seem like an obvious one, but when was the last time you too an antibacterial wipe to the doors in your home? Although most will be a rather sanitary stainless steel, door knobs and the areas around them are where your hands touch most – so wipe them down today.

Behind the taps
That little area behind the taps and your splashback in your kitchen or bathroom is something that often gets overlooked. It’s perfectly understandable – you’ve cooked your dinner, you’ve cleaned up the kitchen and you are desperate to get to the sofa in time for Bake Off to start. Things get missed – but this is one area that needs some attention every now and again.

Toothbrush holder hazard
Another item we recommend whizzing through the dishwasher every now and again. Your toothbrush holder get covered in germs, bacteria-catching toothpaste and other nasties. When you brush your teeth tonight, take it away for a seriously deep clean.  

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