3 things you should do at the end of winter

3 things you should do at the end of winter
Posted by James Hood

It’s tempting to wait until autumn before forking out a fortune on checks and repairs. But getting in early with any contractors or pre-empting where problems might arise now could spare you a hefty bill later in the year.

Check in with your tenants
Get help from your tenants in finding out what, if anything, needs doing around your property after a wet or frosty few months. They are in the best position to tell you about everything from a draft coming through the door to a damp patch on the ceiling.

Check the boiler 
Schedule a time that’s convenient for everyone to have your boiler checked. Waiting until October to ensure it works correctly could cost you more – as boiler service providers tend to be in high demand and can therefore be more pricey. Plus, if there are any issues when things turn a little chilly your tenants are likely to be a little less forgiving.

If you were a raindrop where would you be?
Pre-empting roof and gutter problems could save you a lot of money in interior repairs. Ask yourself where potential problems could arise, especially if there’s been a lot of heavy rain. Check your loft if you have one for signs of damp or drops of water. And schedule periodic gutter maintenance. It will prove to be extremely cost effective in the long run.

For more information on being a great landlord or for some friendly (and free) advice, have a look at our property management page. Oh, and if your property is empty, it's even more important to look after it at this time of year - for more on that, see our vacant properties page.

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