Where to watch Wimbledon in London (if you’re not actually going)

Where to watch Wimbledon in London (if you’re not actually going)
Posted by James Hood

Maybe you didn’t have any luck with the ballot, the ticket prices were a little over your budget or you just don’t want to queue from 5am to get in. Whatever the reason for you having to watch Murray try and retain his title on TV, here are some of the places you can watch in style around London.

This lovely venue in Chelsea is showing Wimbledon games on its big screen in the front courtyard. They’re also serving Moet and barbecue food as well.

Granary Square
Head to King's Cross and Granary Square where there are 50 deck chairs available to make your viewing of the Serena match more comfortable. You can also get Pimms, beers, snacks and soft drinks from the adjoining bar.

Regents Place
Catch a game or two on the large outdoor screen at Regents Place, next to Warren Street station.

South Bank
Cheer on Dimitrov from ‘the Scoop’, the outdoor amphitheatre at South Bank. You can bring your own drinks and food. We also recommend bringing something soft to sit on as those concrete steps will get a little uncomfortable if the match goes beyond three sets.

Canary Wharf
Take a break from banking (or whatever industry you’re in at Canary Wharf) and catch the Nadal game on your lunch hour. 


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