Outlet helps Spanish jamon chain move into Soho

Outlet helps Spanish jamon chain move into Soho
Posted by James Hood

Enrique Tomas, the most successful ham retailer in Spain, has enlisted the help of Outlet Property to find them premises in Soho. The company, which has more than 70 stores in Spain, will now be opening its first store in the UK on 132 Wardour Street. Javier from Outlet negotiated the acquisition of this first shop, so we asked him a few questions about this rather delicious new Soho shop.

Why did Enrique Tomas decide to include a dine-in area in their retail space?
Part of the philosophy of Enrique Tomas is to educate people about the different Iberian Jamón flavours. Those are best tasted when paired with other products such as wine, which enhances the experience and allows customers to understand the subtle variations in taste.

Also, Jamón is a key element in the Spanish tapas culture and Enrique Tomas wanted to bring the whole experience to London. Having the dine-in option allows customers to taste products, choose their favourites and shop!

What sort of tapas will they be offering to dine-in customers? 
The shop will not serve tapas as such, however it will offer Jamón sandwiches with special bread baked on site. Customers will also be able to taste the store’s cheeses, Iberian loin, chorizo, olives and others.

Do you think the new store will be popular with UK shoppers? 
The products offered in Enrique Tomas shops are freshly cut in store and are of a much higher quality than you will find in any regular UK supermarket. Plus they offer outstanding knowledge of their produce and great customer service.

Are they adapting their store products for the UK?
The concept is in principle the same as in Spain, based on an incredibly high quality product which is cut and prepared in front of the customers, great customer service and modern interior design. Tasting will be a key part of the experience and there is a dedicated area in-store where they will organise tasting sessions and courses about Iberian Jamón.

Why did Enrique Tomas pick this location for the first UK branch? 
Soho is an epicentre of food in London with one of the most diverse and creative restaurant and retail scenes in the world. It is also a global showcase for new food concepts and it just made sense open in this location, where customers are very educated but also open to experience food from all over the world.


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