Be better in the kitchen - top cookery schools

Be better in the kitchen - top cookery schools
Posted by James Hood

Whether you’re an accomplished chef or you’re forever burning your bacon, there are a number of established cookery schools around the UK to help you hone your culinary skills. And whether you’ve got a basic or bespoke kitchen, these experts will have you prepping, chopping, peeling and seasoning like a pro in no time.

Leith’s Cookery School, London
This cookery school has turned out home cooks and top chefs alike for generations. The purpose-built premises in London are ideal for learning skills and the courses cover everything from using a knife properly to cooking the perfect steak. Students come from around the world and the company is founded on the principal of imparting a lasting love of good food and wine. Options are varied and range from a one-day workshop to a three-term diploma.

Padstow Seafood School, Padstow
If you know much about Rick Stein you’ll know that he’s become an icon of the cookery world, particularly when it comes to preparing seafood. The town of Padstow in Cornwall, has become so synonymous with the chef’s name it’s even been dubbed ‘Padstein’. And it is here that you can indulge in one of his cooking courses in the most stellar of surroundings. There are residential and non-residential courses starting at around £140 and you’ll learn skills like skinning and filleting fish or cleaning and preparing scallops. The food’s delicious and the wine that comes with it is pretty great too.

Le Cordon Bleu, London
Arguably one of the most renowned cookery schools for excellence in the world, Le Cordon Blue is founded on more than 100 years of tradition. With a particular interest in innovation and best practice within the gastronomy and catering arena, this is a cookery school for the seriously committed chef.

Venturi’s Table, London
Originally called Italian Secrets, this cookery school and catering company has re-branded following its substantial growth. Groups of four can learn how to prepare ‘bellissima’ Italian dishes, following themes such as meat, pasta, baking and desserts. You’ll be taught the basics including how spaghetti should be cooked as well as more advanced skills. Prices start at £55 for half a day.


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