Our brand new property and lifestyle website has arrived. Do come in.

Our brand new property and lifestyle website has arrived.      Do come in.
Posted by Josh Rafter

Welcome to Better Living, the brand new website brought to you by Outlet. If you’ve already had a look around you will know this is the place to come for insight on the property market and inspiration for living well.

It’s all part of our goal here at Outlet to help people live more fun and fulfilled lives, which we believe begins in your homes and neighbourhoods. And being a business that is always trying to do things the sensational way rather than the standard way, we thought to ourselves - let’s create an online destination that brings people a smidgen of happiness, whether it’s right now or in the future. Well, we never did do things by halves.

Now, although we are a property services company, our new site is about much more than that. Yes we’ll include the latest from the market and we’ll keep you up-to-date with changes and challenges you might face as a tenant or a landlord. But this is also the place to come for articles on food and drink, interiors, events in London and plenty of other stuff you’ll love. One day you could be reading about financial faux pas and another, fabulous throws for a cosier winter. Basically we’ve taken the concept of a traditional blog and knocked it out the park.

Better Living has been in development for some time. Our team spent months planning the content we should include and lots of little geeks in white coats and glasses have been tapping out code like there’s no tomorrow. Now it’s ready for the world to see and for you to enjoy... because who doesn't deserve to live better right? Take a look around, come back soon for more, spread the word, share the things you like and, most importantly, live your life to the max.


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