Pet people – how Outlet helps them and their beloved animals find a home together

Pet people – how Outlet helps them and their beloved animals find a home together
Posted by Gary Cooper

We like people with pets here at Outlet. While many landlords reject applicants who own a dog, cat, bunny or any other animal, we believe they make respectful and jolly lovely tenants.

That’s why we’ve been running our Lets With Pets scheme for more than three years, helping people and their pooch etc find somewhere to live. We’ve been out and about meeting people who’ve benefited from our efforts to find them a home and you can see some of the interviews here.

One of our customers, Kevin, spoke to Outlet about finding a home with his American Cocker Spaniel (pictured): “Zeus is not just our pet, he is a member of our family.  Many estate agents simply did not want to help when they heard we had a dog. I believe this is because it takes more effort to find a place for dog owners than for those who don't have a dog. And many estate agents want the quick and easy rental. Not Outlet!

We relocated from Miami and if you’re a dog person you realise that one of the most important things when you’re finding a place is finding a place where you know your dog is going to be comfortable.

I am a property owner and I can tell you I have had property damaged more by irresponsible tenants and kids than any dog. I want a landlord for wherever we’re living to be the same. So it’s very important that the landlord understands that, and I think Outlet does a great job to find landlords where people like us will be comfortable living.”


Another of our customers is Zoe, who has two three-year-old cats. Zoe told us: “We originally got Watson and Creek in Norway. Then we moved to Aberdeen before coming to London. We wouldn’t think of leaving them. In fact the cost of getting them here was more than the cost of transport for ourselves! They like to climb… like to sit on the windowsill and watch. In the evening if they’re watching TV they like to curl up with us. They like to nap on top of things. It’s a cat thing… when you put something on top of something, a cat will go on top of that thing. The fact that we had pets was one of the first things I told Russell at Outlet. He was great and couldn’t have been more helpful.”

To watch the videos of Outlet customers and their pets, click here to go to our testimonials page. 

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