How to move to London with your dog

How to move to London with your dog
Posted by Gary Cooper

London is a big place, but it’s also one of the greatest places to live in the world. Although you might think a giant metropolis like this would be challenging for people with pets, that couldn’t be further from the truth and millions of people enjoy life in England’s capital with their pet pooch. That said, there are still ways you can make the transition easier for both yourself and your dog if you’re planning a move to the city.

Know your areas
There really isn’t a ‘bad’ area to live in London if you have a dog. But you might find it more challenging to care for or walk them if you live centrally, in areas such as Piccadilly or Covent Garden. Pavements can get extremely crowded in summer months with millions of tourists visiting. Plus, traffic and pollution tends to be heavier. Move outwards a little to other boroughs or even the outskirts and you’ll discover that London can actually be a rather village-y place to be, with lots of little lanes, quaint cafes and parks. Great residential areas for walking and owning a dog include Battersea, Vauxhall, or Pimlico. And a bit further out you have places such as Putney (which is right by the river). Further north are places like West Hampstead, Willesden Green and of course there’s the rather lovely but pricey Primrose Hill. It’s best to carry out plenty of research into the areas within your budget. Then spend some time checking them out for dog-friendly living.

Pick a park
Can you believe that almost half of London is made up of green space or parks? It’s an astonishing percentage considering it is a large, cosmopolitan city. But look closely enough and you’ll spot wide open space or little garden squares ate every turn. So if you move to London with your dog, you’ll never been too far away from a spot where you can walk, rest or play. Take a look at the numerous websites that show where you can find London’s parks as well as information on the amenities they provide.

Toys and treats
There is no shortage of amazing pet shops in London where you can buy everything from silent squeaky animal toys to Pedigree Chum. Barkers of London has seven different shops around the city, with both pet supplies and grooming stations. They obviously welcome pups and pooches to come in and take a look around with their owners. And the branch at Muswell Hill has a pick and mix doggy treat jar collection. Check out their website to see which shop would be closest to you here.

Dog walking and dog sitting 
London life can be incredibly hectic. There are countless ways to spend your time, both in the day and night time, and that’s before we even mention the long working hours! So having a few dog walker contacts might come in handy. City Pups for example drive into the city in the mornings and will take your pooch out to the country to run free and play with his other puppy playmates. Check them out and plenty of others here.

Lets with pets
If you’re renting in the city, Outlet offers a dedicated ‘Lets with Pets’ service. Unlike many agents and landlords, we believe people with dogs make great tenants, often being responsible, respectful and generally lovely people. So we’re champions of lets with pets and wherever possible we explain the merits of allowing pets in a home to our landlords. There’s a specific section on our website where you can learn more about it. Or to talk to one of our team members about finding a property in London with your pet, just call one of our team on 0207287 4244. 


At Outlet, we understand that it can be difficult to find a decent home to rent in London if you have a dog, cat or any other animal. But we believe animal lovers make model tenants and so we do all we can to help them and their pets find a lovely place to live - together. Click here for more information on our Lets with Pets service. Or call us on 020 7287 4244.




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