Easy-peasy mac and cheesy

Easy-peasy mac and cheesy
Posted by Michelle Jones

Pasta and cheese – it shouldn’t work, but it does. Macaroni Cheese, or “Mac and Cheese” if you want to be all American about it is a little heavy on the calories but equally as packed with deliciousness. And the best bit is it’s so simple to make – why not have some for dinner then save a portion for your lunch the next day? Or eat it all at once, whatever. Just don’t complain to us when you can’t fit into your swim shorts. Here’s a simple recipe.

What you need

50g baguette, crumbled into small pieces

350g macaroni or spiral pasta

1 garlic clove, chopped up

1 tsp of your favourite type of mustard

3 tbsp plain flour

500ml whole milk

250g cheddar, grated

2 tbsp butter, plus 1 tbsp melted

50g grated parmesan (or vegetarian alternative), grated


What you need to do

Heat your oven to 200c (fan) or gas mark 6. Scatter the chunks of bread around a baking tray, pour over a bit of salt, pepper, melted butter or Olive Oil. Bake the for about five or six minutes and then put to one side.

Boil the pasta for about 10 to 15 minutes (check the packet for directions). Meanwhile, melt the remaining butter in a saucepan, add the garlic and mustard, and cook it all up for a couple of minutes.

Now stir in your flour then gradually whisk in the milk until you have a lump-free sauce. Leave this to cook on a low heat simmering for five mins, whisking constantly until thickened.

Take it off the heat, then stir in all the lovely cheese and half the Parmesan. Stir the pasta into the cheesy sauce, then tip into a large baking dish. If you’re doing a dinner party you could also use individual dishes. Bake for 20 minutes or until golden on the top. It could go wrong rather quickly and burn so keep an eye on your oven.

You can either throw the baked bread on the top or serve on the side. Enjoy!

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