4 of our favourite eco-friendly blogs

4 of our favourite eco-friendly blogs
Posted by Gary Cooper

Moral Fibres

Forget all the stuffy stereotypes of what a green-living, eco-friendly blog might look like - because this is one contemporary, stylish and rather cool website. The modern imagery and refreshing take on living a more environmentally friendly life is truly refreshing. The blogger, named Wendy gives her advice on sustainable living, with advice on everything from cooking to gardening and travelling responsibly.

Green Steve

Now for a man’s take on sustainable living. Steve is your ‘host’ and his advice is so wide-ranging that it should appeal to any audience. One of his USPs is frugal living, enabling you to save the planet and the impact it has on your wallet at the same time. Stories range from water-saving shower heads to government policies.

Brighter Shades of Green

This blog is run by a lady called Yanar, who used to be an editor so she knows a thing or two about beautiful imagery and crafting a story. The blog is collection of natural beauty, holistic health, ethical style and green living inspiration.

Good Life from a Terraced House

Such a quaint idea and an especially useful blog for those of us living in London where space is scarce. Even if you don’t actually live in a terrace house, you’ll find plenty of ‘words to live by’ in this site. The themes include inner health, outer beauty and more - all with a connection to green living.


At Outlet, we operate with a culture of kindness and we're always looking for ways we can help our planet be safer and greener for all of us. You can find lots more interesting property-related green information on our website. This includes a green letter from Josh, our MD, plus tips for being more environmentally friendly.

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