New cancer stats and what it could mean for your finances

New cancer stats and what it could mean for your finances
Posted by James Hood

Cancer Research UK has released new statistics that show half of us in the UK will get cancer in our lifetime. That means the number of us expected to be affected has increased from the standard ‘one in three’.

A report from BBC News said that while many cases will be picked up by new and innovative treatments, many will continue to have a devastating physical and financial effect on people’s lives.

The new figures highlight the importance of planning ahead when it comes to your money. For example, have you considered what would happen if you were diagnosed with some form of cancer?

If you became ill, could you cover your rent or mortgage payments? If you could not work for a long period of time would that affect whether you can afford to pay important bills? Also, do you have dependents or any family members who would need to be looked after if you died?

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