Find out what your property's worth, have a doughnut on us

Find out what your property's worth, have a doughnut on us
Posted by David Bray

You've heard it all before, right? Every London estate agent wants to value your property. We hear you. 

You're also probably expecting us to say something typical, like “the market’s hot right now, it’s time to get a property valuation from Outlet and sell, sell, sell”.

But the thing is, at Outlet we believe there’s more to a valuation than just a number. And we're not in the business of pushing you to do something that's not necessary. 

It’s true that knowing what your property is worth is very useful when you sell. But it’s also about knowing where you stand – enabling you to think ahead, make informed decisions and live your most fabulous life.

Whether you want to move on, upsize or downsize, an honest and accurate valuation from someone you can trust is really useful for planning your future. And at Outlet, it’s absolutely free. 


So when you're ready... we'll be here for you. We can pop round whenever you want. We'll even bring you doughnuts. Just call us on 020 7287 4244

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