Take a selfie next to me and Outlet will donate to Dogs Trust

Take a selfie next to me and Outlet will donate to Dogs Trust
Posted by James Hood

I know... I'm adorable aren't I? Luckily I'm really well taken care of by one of the team at Outlet and have a loving and safe home. He feeds me all the Pedigree Chum I could want, takes me off to Hampstead Heath for Sunday strolls and scratches my belly on request. 

But some other dogs aren't as fortunate me. They need charities like Dogs Trust to step in and help them when they're abandoned, homeless or treated badly.

That's why my new poster, which is up in Soho now, is so great. You can take a selfie (who doesn't love a selfie?) next to my beautiful little squishy face and post it on Facebook. In return, Outlet will then donate £5 to Dogs Trust to help them continue the amazing work they do for pooches who don't get a lot of love. Just think of all the lonely, hungry dogs we can help if you went down and took a quick snap sometime soon. Make sure you tag Outlet in your pic. You can find them at Facebook.com/outletpropertyservices.

The pug poster is all part of Outlet's ongoing efforts to help people AND their pets. They're a bunch of animal lovers in that office. Honestly, I don't get a minute's peace when I visit. They're all like, 'hey Compton give me a high five' or 'oh Compton, you're so cute'. Tell me something I don't know. Anyway, they do lots to help dogs, cats, and all sorts of animals find a home with their owners.

The poster is opposite the Outlet office at 32 Old Compton Street and it's just next to Bar Soho. So next time you're in the area, PLEASE come and say hi. I like Bonios - just sayin'.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've found some rather nice Italian loafers to munch on. Woof! 

Whether you're a would-be tenant with a pet or a landlord happy to allow lets for pets, we'd love to talk to you. More about us is in our Lets For Pets section.

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