Is it time you allowed tenants with pets?

Is it time you allowed tenants with pets?
Posted by James Hood

We like people with pets here at Outlet. As property agents with years of experience we know that just because a tenant has a dog, cat, bunny or budgie doesn’t mean they are a problem for landlords. In fact, we believe many landlords are missing out on the opportunity to rent out properties by excluding great people who also have a pet.

That’s why we support Lets with Pets – a scheme supported by Dogs Trust that promotes people with pets as model tenants. For every tenant and their pet that we find a home for we donate £50 to Dogs Trust. We also support the Hope Project, a unique scheme aiding dogs whose owners are homeless or in a housing crisis.

So far we’ve handed over £350 for the charities! So if you’re a landlord and you’d like to help us raise more money for a good cause, get in touch and you can have your property included on our database of places that welcome people and their pets.

We think there are lots of reasons for landlords to allow pets, and we also offer advice for renters with pets.
Click here for more information on Lets with Pets and to read some of our pet success stories.

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