In the Season of Goodwill – here’s how Outlet has given back to others this year

In the Season of Goodwill – here’s how Outlet has given back to others this year
Posted by Josh Rafter

If Santa asks, we’ve been pretty nice this year at Outlet. Well, David’s been a little naughty but he manages to get away with it.

On the whole though, we’d like to think Outlet has made a difference to the lives of others. We don’t just do that by offering fabulous property services, we also actively look for ways we can help those in need of support. Here are some of the ways we did that in 2015.

The launch of our furniture range
Furniture by Outlet is a new range of awesome items and accessories for the home. It includes white goods, lovely sofas, chairs, tables and soft furnishings – basically everything you could need when you’re kitting out a home. The difference is that every penny Outlet makes in commission from the sales goes to the Albert Kennedy Trust (AKT), a charity that supports young LGBT people who are homeless or in a crisis. Josh recently handed over a cheque to the chaps at the charity for an awesome £612. You can shop the furniture range and donate to the Albert Kennedy Trust in the process, here.

Blogging for good causes
We often support good causes on our blog as well as promoting work by people that needs a little help. That could be highlighting charity events hosted by AKT or publicising an independent director’s new film. Either way, it’s giving a leg up to someone who could use a little boost.

Team efforts
Many of our team members spend their free time raising money for good causes out of office hours. Our communication’s manager James ran a 10K for AKT in July. But the real superstar this year was Michelle, our Sales Co-ordinator. Not content with a meagre run around London, Michelle decided to raise funds in spectacular style by JUMPING OUT OF A PLANE! What a crazy lady, even if she did have a parachute. Last time we checked her sky dive had raised £700 for Crisis, a charity that is dedicated to ending homelessness with life-changing services. Well done Michelle.

Dog’s Trust
We’re animal lovers here at Outlet and often promote the benefits of renting a property to pet owners. We believe that people who have a pet pooch, cat, budgie or bunny usually make reliable, considerate tenants. We are so committed to helping them find a home we have a dedicated Lets with Pets service that we run in support of Dogs Trust. For every property we let with a pet, we donate cash to the animal charity.

Saving Soho
This year saw a high profile campaign to retain Soho’s alternative, showbizzy heritage following the closure of Madame JoJo’s. Stars like Stephen Fry used their status and voices to help highlight the changes taking place in Soho. Outlet showed support by helping to raise awareness of their plight. We even created a video on Soho that you can watch here.

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