HIV and nutrition – Outlet’s latest chosen charity

HIV and nutrition – Outlet’s latest chosen charity
Posted by James Hood

At Outlet, we do what we can to support other people and organisations that need our help. Over the years we’ve given our time, resources and money to charities such as National AIDS Trust (NAT), Dogs Trust, The Albert Kennedy Trust and Stonewall, among others.

Now, we’ve found another organisation doing amazing work in the community that we want to help. The Food Chain ensures people living with HIV in London have access to the nutrition they need to get well, stay well and lead healthy independent lives.

The charity delivers meals and groceries, organises cookery and nutrition classes and also hosts communal eating meals. They know that people living with HIV often struggle to eat well or access the food they need to stay healthy because of ill health, poverty or isolation. That’s why The Food Chain was created – and why a staff of 11 plus a team of hundreds of volunteers help deliver their services.

At you can find out more about the work this amazing organisation does. You can read detailed information about the services they offer as well as reading resources such as an ‘introduction to HIV nutrition’. There is also the option to donate to the cause.

At Outlet, we’ve put a donation collection box in our reception, so feel free to make a donation of whatever you can afford next time you’re passing. We also plan to help spread the word about the great work The Food Chain is doing so we’ll keep you posted.

Go to for more information.

Want to read more about our charity work? Check out the organisations we support, with the help of our staff members and customers in our giving back section and also on our other charity page

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