Check out our tash and our cash as Movember comes to an end

Check out our tash and our cash as Movember comes to an end
Posted by Gary Cooper

As Movember is over and our tash-tastic team members David and Josh are back to their usual baby-faced, clean shaven selves, we thought we’d update you on how they’ve done.

The pair did a fantastic job growing a tash (and still managing to look lovely) and raising much-needed cash for men’s cancer charities. At the moment, the running total stands at an amazing £830 – an excellent effort that will provide vital funding to help put an end to male cancers.

It’s not too late to donate some money to this awesome cause, though. Even though Movember’s over the guys would still appreciate any dosh you can spare. You can donate as much as you can afford by clicking here. 


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