A few of the ways we're green

A few of the ways we're green
Posted by James Hood

At Outlet Property we do our best to be an environmentally-friendly estate agency, because we think it’s important to do our bit for the planet. Here are just some of the things we do that make our business a green one. 

We plant trees
For every property we rent out or sell, we have committed to planting a tree through Tree Appeal, helping to offset our carbon emissions.

We recycle
At the Outlet office, there is nothing that doesn’t get recycled! Batteries, plastics, glass, paper – even stamps are re-used or collected for recycling. We even have a recycling monitor, a member of staff dedicated to making sure we’re all being as green as possible.

We conserve energy
We replaced all our lightbulbs from standard to energy efficient bulbs, reducing the amount of energy we produce at our office. In addition, at the end of every email you will find a statement asking the recipient to consider the environment before printing. Oh and we try not to fill the kettle up too much when we’re only making one cuppa.

We spread the word
We don’t just promote being green at the office either. We promote being green at home to our customers, with a page on our website that provides tips and advice on being more energy efficient.

You can find lots more interesting property-related green information on our website. This includes a green letter from Josh, our MD, plus tips for going green, and ways in which we try and be more green estate agents.

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