Outlet at 20: A customer’s story

Outlet at 20: A customer’s story
Posted by James Hood

As you might expect around our 20th anniversary, conversation has naturally turned to the people Outlet has helped over the years. Whether it’s chit chat in the office or people reminiscing at our 20th birthday bash, we’ve heard many stories about how our company has changed people’s lives for the better. Some found a place to live where they could truly be who they are without prejudice or judgement. Others found mates for life in their homes, flatshares or flatmates. Meanwhile some customers simply moved forward in life, buying properties, commercial spaces, penthouses – or just financial products all under the expert guidance of Outlet.

One customer who recalls using Outlet when he first moved to London with fond memories is Chris Amos (pictured). Having moved here from Australia at 25 years old, Chris had only recently come out, and felt living with gay people would help him be more at home in a strange city – a place a million miles from his home town of Brisbane. Chris used Outlet’s service to find a place to live and told us this about his experience:

“This was back in 1999. I had moved to London and thought that living with other gay guys would be good for me socially. They could show me around a bit and where to go out, for example. I got lucky, and found two really nice guys, Tom and Josh who lived in a place in East Dulwhich. It was £200 a month back then! It was all so different to what I was used to in Brisbane, where I had a house with a view of the ocean. Suddenly I had much less space, but I’m still in London today. I really enjoyed my time there. I’d get the train to London Bridge and I remember getting the 176 Night Bus home a few times.”

Chris also told us how using Outlet’s service made a big difference to his search for a home once he’d moved here, adding: “Outlet’s flatsharing site was by far the best for finding like-minded people and a nice place to live. There were some other sites around, like Gumtree, but only Outlet had really thorough search criteria that allowed you to really filter down your options and select people with similar interests and lifestyles. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a property, flatmate or tenant in London.”


We’re celebrating Outlet’s 20th anniversary with some customers stories. If you remember using Outlet’s services and would like to tell us about it, please get in touch with us on 020 7287 4244. We’d love to hear from you.

Did you know Outlet.co.uk, Outlet’s flatsharing and flat-finding online service is now free? Take a look around by clicking here and spread the word if you know someone looking for a match. 

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