Landlords now have a duty to consider eco property improvements

Landlords now have a duty to consider eco property improvements
Posted by Josh Rafter

New laws that came into effect in April 2016 mean that tenants across the UK now have the right to ask their landlords for energy-saving home improvements.

Landlords now have to consider any eco-friendly projects recommended or requested by their tenants – although there is no obligation on the landlord's part to action the requests if there are costs involved.

The new rules are thought to be positive for both tenants (who may be particularly conscious of their carbon footprint) as well as landlords, who may even see their energy costs reduced as a result.

The legislation comes at a time when it’s been revealed 35 per cent of tenants said they consider the energy efficiency of a property before signing a tenancy agreement. The statistic, identified by the National Landlords Association, is a sign that as a nation we are becoming more aware of the energy emitted by our homes and our carbon footprints.

There are benefits to landlords of making modifications that create a greener home. Not only can energy saving reduce costs, it can also make a property more desirable, helping secure tenancies.


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