Green gadgets – 4 products that help you save energy at home

Green gadgets – 4 products that help you save energy at home
Posted by Russell Wells

Most properties in London have the facility to recycle, with regular collections of food and card, paper or plastic waste. But there’s plenty more that can be done in the home to reduce your impact on the environment. Here are four clever pieces of kit, engineered to be kind to the environment.


Remote-managed thermostats
They’re all the rage right now – thermostats (like the one pictured) by Nest, Hive and others can all be set, changed or switched off… from your phone! Forget to turn down the temperature before you jet off for a week or head to work for the day? No worries – with a Nest gadget you can do everything remotely, meaning there’s rarely any heat energy wasted in your home. Read more at


Water-saving flush bags
About 30 per cent of the home’s water is flushed away. But did you know you can get bags for your loo’s water tank that could save gallons of water over time? The bags are easy to install and many local councils will give them away for free – so check the website that’s relevant to you.


Light timers
For as littler as a tenner, you can buy handy time controllers for your plugs. These are a great way to ensure your lights and lamps go off at night or that they will switch themselves off if you go out and forget about them. They can also double up as a good deterrent for burglars if you’re out, but don’t keep them on for too long! Buy them at John Lewis.


Shower ‘coaches’
The Timo Shower Coach helps you keep your shower time to a minimum. With a handy liquid egg timer built in, you can see time slipping away while you get soapy. It even has a handy wall suction piece so it’s handy for sticking to the tiles. Find them here.


Did you know Outlet is an environmentally-friendly property company? We do all we can to help the planet and reduce our carbon footprint as a business. Measures we take include walking wherever possible, recycling our paper and even planting a tree for every property we let or sell! Find out more here. 

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