6 simple tips for going paperless

6 simple tips for going paperless
Posted by Russell Wells

If you’re anything like the property people at Outlet, you’ll constantly be mindful of your impact on the environment. Taking shorter showers, not running the tap when you brush your teeth and recycling your rubbish are all ways you can easily do your bit at home. But another simple way to help reduce waste and the impact on our planet is to go paperless.

You’ve probably heard the expression. You may even want to take the initiative and go completely digital when it comes to your bills, post and paperwork. But how do you actually put it into practice in your property? Here’s some helpful advice and some useful tools you might not have thought of that will help you organise your life admin – while reducing your carbon footprint.

1. Contact your bank
Say what you want about the big bad banks, but they do one thing well – help you go paperless. Most of the high street companies will offer the option to have your statements and letters delivered electronically. This means less wasteful post coming through your door and fewer miles driven in a van by Mr Postman. In many cases, all you need to do is log on to your online banking and change your preferences.

2. Invest in a scanner
Okay, so strictly speaking, if you’re scanning something it’s already in paper form. But that’s not always the case. When it comes to scanning passports, ID and proof of address, a scanner will mean you’re less likely to make a photocopy. This is also handy because you can send emails rather than buy envelopes and use the mail. A scanner is also super handy when it comes to filing. Scan any post you don’t want in paper form and then save on your computer or in your drive.

3. Get into Evernote
The Evernote app and system allows you to sync written documents and notes across all your devices. Save a shopping list on your desktop and it’ll be there waiting for you on your smartphone when you head to the supermarket.

4. Receipt re-organisation
Those little paper records of everything you’ve purchased are not only irritating when you’re emptying your pockets, they also add up to create plenty of paper. Choose from a multitude of apps available online that help you organise these – even enabling you to scan or take a photo of receipts using your phone. Both Evernote Scannable and Expensify offer helpful handing receipt tidying solutions.

5. Docusign
If you deal with contracts or signatures at work, consider a system that lets you, your colleagues and customers sign orders, agreements and other documents easily – without the need for a paper and a pen. Docusign is one of the commonly used services.

6. Consider a Kindle
We love good old fashioned books as much as the next person. But sometimes an e-reader is more convenient for storing multiple options. Kindle, the Nook and the iPad all give you another option when it comes to reading a good novel or biography. And if you love to read the real deal, you could always consider renting from your local library which means you can give the book back for someone else to enjoy after you.

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