How your Christmas cash could help a young LGBT person without a home

How your Christmas cash could help a young LGBT person without a home
Posted by James Hood

Christmas is a joy-filled time for most of us. Ice skating, shopping, mince pies and getting merry with friends and family are just some of the ways we enjoy ourselves. But this time of year can be filled with loneliness and sadness for some young people.

The Albert Kennedy Trust helps young LGBT people who have been made homeless simply because of who they are. Often, these 18 – 24 year olds have been rejected by their parents for being gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender, abused or have to flee because of violence.

The charity supports them by providing emergency housing and a warm, safe place for them to stay. They can also provide food and a mobile phone top-up so they can call a support line if they need to.

This Christmas, your donation could help support a young person who has been made homeless through no fault of their own. Here’s how the money is spent by Albert Kennedy Trust.

£10 provides 2 young people with mobile phone top up, allowing them access to telephone support whenever they need it

£50 provides 2 young people with an emergency support pack this winter, including everything a young person needs to keep safe for one night

£100 provides 4 nights off the street. It includes accommodation, a mobile top up, travel costs and food

£200 will cover the cost of 10 nights with a fully-trained Albert Kennedy Trust carer in a safe place

£500 will cover the cost of bringing the new online service to young people, ensuring they have access to resources as well as direct support

£1000 provides 25 nights in a ‘Purple Door’ house in London or Newcastle. These homes offer a safe place to live for homeless young people, allowing them to get back on their feet, build their self esteem and regain their independence. They also have access to professional mentors and support.

To donate to Albert Kennedy Trust, or to find out more about the work that the charity does, go to


Outlet was the originial LGBT property company in London. Established in 1995, the company helped lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people find a home where they could be themselves.

Today, although times have changed, we still do our bit to make sure people can live in a safe, happy and lovely home. Our heritage inspires our mission today - to be a company with a conscious and act with kindness. 

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