How Tesla plans to help your home generate energy, stylishly

How Tesla plans to help your home generate energy, stylishly
Posted by Josh Rafter

Did you know that the sun provides more than enough energy in just one hour to supply our planet’s energy needs for an entire year?

Now, the owner of Tesla, the manufacturer of luxury electric cars, has announced plans to use the energy from the sun to power our homes, with new sophisticated solar roof panels.

CEO Elon Musk has launched the solar panels to much praise from fans of eco initiatives and the press the world over, for their sleek look and innovative solar-sapping technology. Although solar panels have become more common and many people in the UK have kitted out their homes with the energy saving devices for some time, the Tesla panels have something unique – they look like actual roof tiles!

In the same way Mr Musk transformed the electric car by making the Tesla look sleek, stylish and sports car-like, the tech entrepreneur is now planning to do the same for solar panels. The new technology uses tile imitations on the roof of a property to channel the heat from the sun. Meanwhile a so-called ‘Powerwall’ battery is fixed to an exterior wall to run all the kit and turn sunlight into electricity in your home.

The news was widely considered to be a stroke of genius among the environmentally conscious, many of whom find the original solar panels unsightly. Now, with the Tesla solar models, homes will look almost identical, without the need for oversized panels. 

Not only are solar panels good for the environment, they are also good for your bank balance. By using the energy generated by the sun for ‘free’, home owners can drastically reduce not only their carbon footprint but their spend on utility bills too. For more information on Tesla’s mission to reduce our impact on the planet, check out


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