Good eggs - 3 of the best ethically sourced chocolate choices this Easter

Good eggs - 3 of the best ethically sourced chocolate choices this Easter
Posted by Cristian Lupascu

At Outlet, we’re supporters of good causes, champions of the underdog and always looking for ways to make a difference. So we’re fully behind the Fair Trade not-for-profit initiative at Easter-time, when many of us are spending money on lots of lovely chocolate. Fair Trade helps to support and promote better pay and working conditions in some of the world’s poorest and most exploited areas. It also helps farmers and workers negotiate fair terms for the work or goods they offer.

The Fairtrade badge is often spotted on coffee, rice, cotton and cocoa. So it’s especially popular with chocolate producers. This Easter, by choosing a Fairtrade Easter egg or chocolate bar, you’d be doing your bit to support people who face poor working conditions and exploitation around the world. Here are some of the options on the shop shelves this year.

Cocoa Loco’s bunnies and bars
The Cocoa Loco Easter range includes unique marbled eggs and a giant solid bunny. The eggs also come in large family size perfect for parties or sharing (or just for you). The selection is suitable for kids and adults. Most importantly, the company insists on using only Fairtrade ingredients.

The Co-op’s Pinata egg
A crispy chocolate shell hides a secret stash of jelly beans in this Fairtrade chocolate. Plus, the Co-operative supermarket, which makes this egg is running a ‘Good Egg’ campaign, encouraging people to share stories of how people they know have done lovely things for others.

Green & Blacks
You might not always associate luxury goods or premium packaged goods with having a social conscience, but Green & Blacks ethical sourcing standards are based on the UN Declaration of Human Rights and the Ethical Initiative Barcode. Respect for others’ and ethical trading standards form the foundations of all they do at the company, claiming that they expect the partners and co-manufacturers to act the same. Find them in shops and supermarkets nationwide.


Did you know Outlet is a property company with a conscience? We do all we can to support people in needs, be champions of the underdog, help the planet and reduce our carbon footprint as a business. Measures we take include walking wherever possible, recycling our paper and even planting a tree for every property we let or sell! 

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